Sita Mata Wildlife Sanctuary

The Sita Mata wildlife sanctuary is located in forests of bamboo and dry deciduous vegetation about 108 km from Udaipur. The Sanctuary provides rich pastures for a variety of Deer that includes the Chousingha and for Caracal wild Boar, Pangolin and Leopards. Sitamata Sanctuary is spread over the Araveli and Vindhyachal mountain ranges and is the only forest region where teak trees of building value are found. In this sanctuary, around 50% trees are of teak. Besides these salar, tendu, amla and bamboo bel are also found in abundance. The leopard, hyena, jackal, fox, jungle cat, porcupine, spotted deer, wild bear, four – horned antelope and Nilgai are the animals found here.

Sita Mata Wildlife Sanctuary
The most conspicuous animal of the Sita Mata sanctuary is the flying squirrel which can be seen gliding from one tree to another after sunset. Its activities are nocturnal and during the day the day it hides in the hollow. The best time to see this squirrel is between February and March at Arampura Forest Guest House, when most of the trees shed their leaves and it is easier to spot the squirrel on the branches of leafless trees.

Sitamata is also known for medicinal plants As many as 108 species of medicinal plants have already been identified , Sitamata forest harbors 13 of the 32 endangered medicinal plants listed by National Medicinal plant board New-Delhi.
The climate of this region is quite pleasant with subtropical feature and characterized by district winter, summer and rainy season. Average rainfall is 756mm and mercury seldom falls below 6° in winter and never rises above 45 in summer.
Visiting Season
Best Season for visiting this Sanctuary is from October to February and Sanctuary is open up to June.
Wildlife at Sita Mata Wildlife Sanctuary
Sita Mata Wildlife Sanctuary has a flourishing ecosystem with hundreds of species of fauna. There are several mammals, birds and reptiles in the Sanctuary that coexist in the deciduous foliage. Some of the most prized attractions of Sita Mata Wildlife Sanctuary are leopards and Flying fox amongst other species. The animals and birds in Sita Mata Wildlife Sanctuary are enlisted below.
Little cormorant, Little grebe, Indian darter, Pond heron, Gray Heron, cattle egret, painted stork, little egret, white necked stork, lesser whistling thrush, spoonbill, Rubby shelduck, cotton teal, Pintail, Nukta, spotbill, Parah kite, white eyed buzzard, shikra, king vulture, Tawny eagle, white backed vulture, white scavenger vulture, Rain Quail, Eastrel, Black patridge, Indian peafowl, Jungle bush quail, Saras crane, Moorhen, White breasted waterhen, Purple moorhen, pheasant tailed jacana, common coot, Red vettled lapwing, wood sandpiper, Red shank, common sandpiper, stone curlew, Black winged stilt, River tern, Little stint, Indian courser, Green pigeon, and common sandgrouse amongst a variety of different bird species.
Caracal, Chousingha, wild boar, pangolin, hyena, leopard, jackal, jungle cat, fox, porcupine, wild bear, spotted deer, flying fox and neelgai
How to Reach
Regular flights from Udaipur and Jaipur are connected to the main cities of India. After reaching Udaipur or Jaipur one can easily get local buses and private taxis from there that will take the tourist till the SitaMata Sanctuary. Then, there are regular trains that connect Jaipur to important cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmedabad. Reaching over to the SitaMata Sanctuary from the Jaipur Railway Station is very easy.

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