Most Famous Festivals Of Kerala

Festivals are true celebrations in God’s Own Country; occasions when grandeur prevails over the characteristic simplicity of the Kerala lifestyle. Be it the state festival of Onam or the one at a local place of worship, new attire and sumptuous feasts are a must for the celebrations.
Festivals in Kerala are always celebrated with much pomp and show. The festive seasons display the best of Kerala’s rich culture and heritage. You will not want to miss the vibrant colours, exotic fragrances, scintillating music, and century long traditions that set each festival apart from the other.
A 10 day long festival, Onam is a well renowned Hindu festival that is celebrated with huge devotions. The striking feature of this festival is that it involves Kathakali dance, indoor and outdoor games, boat races andseveral featuring songs. Onam has been celebrated to mark the homecoming of King Mahabali, who used to rule Kerala during the ancient period. The period of King Mahabali was said to be golden era of Kerala, where people lived happily with love, harmony and prosperity.

Time of Celebration of Onam:This festival is celebrated between the month ofAugust and September and is also known as harvest festival of Kerala.
Major Attractions of Onam:Tiger Play, Flower Rangoli, Thumbi Thullal and Onasadya are the major attractions to enjoy while enjoying this 10 day colourful festival.
Weather Condition: This frolic festival of 10 days is mostly celebrated in the period of monsoon where tourists, along with the colours of festival, can also enjoy the frizzy rains of Kerala.
Vishu is an auspicious festival celebrated by Hindus on the first day of the Malayalum month of Medam (April-May). Vishu is hailed as the beginning of a new year by residents of Kerala. The most significant ritual observed during Vishu is the Kani Kanal (meaning ‘first sight’), as it is believed that the fortunes of the upcoming year depend on what object is seen first on the morning of Vishu.

Another practice is Vishu Kaineettam, where money is gifted to the younger members of each family. The entire family joins in for a mid day feast (Sadya) and then ends the day’s celebration with a dazzling display of fireworks.
Durga Puja of Bengal, Dussehra of Bombay and the Saraswati Puja and the Ayudha Puja of the South, it is a 10-day long festival devoted to Saraswati, the goddess of learning. In Travancore especially, the Navaratri is a state ceremony celebrated with great magnificence since the times of Padmanabhapuram when the Maharaja of Trivandrum stood in the Verandah of the ‘Karivelappura Malika’ in front of the Trivandrum temple and threw money to the masses standing below.
Deepawali Or Diwali
Deepavali is the festival of lights and crackers and sweets and is celebrated to commemorate the riddance of the world from the oppression of the Naraka by the god Krishna. The chief feature in the celebration of this festival is the oil bath early in the morning.
It is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Goddess Bhagvati. The houses are illuminated and people flock to the temple of the goddess and make offerings. In the evening, women go out to worship the goddess.
Maha Siva Ratri
‘Maha Siva Ratri’ or the great night of Siva, is celebrated in the month of March. On this day, people fast. The celebration of this festival at Siva temple at Alwaye on the banks of the Periyar River is a splendid one. The Lingam of Siva is worshipped for the entire night. A fair is held on a very large scale featuring shows, dances and dramas.
The festival of womenfolk of Kerala, it is celebrated to commemorate the death of Kamadevan, the cupid of Hindu mythology and then was granted an eternal spiritual life to him by Lord Siva. The maidens of the Nair families perform rituals since early morning and enjoy swings accompanied by songs and music. Special delicacies are prepared and a dance known as Thiruvathirakali or Kaikottikkali is performed by a group of women dancing in a circle around a lighted brass lamp wearing traditional dresses and singing exclusive Tiruvathira songs.
Thrissur Pooram
Touted by UNESCO as “the most spectacular festival event on the planet”, Thrissur Pooram, celebrated in the month of April/May, is literally a behemoth of festivities that surpass everything else. On the day of Pooram, the sight of beautifully clad fifty or more elephants passing through the streets of Thrissur on the sound of beating drums is simply otherworldly. But this glorifying sight of the creatures isn’t the only highlight of the Thrissur Pooram, for the 36 hour long celebrations of the festival are undertaken with utmost discipline, following a proper schedule that begins with routine puja and ends with grand display of fireworks that match the best in the world.
Festival Calendar 2016
Elephant Pageants
Adoor Gajamela
Adoor – Pathanamthitta Dist
20 Jan 2016
Pariyanampetta Pooram
Kattakulam – Palakkad Dist
20 Feb 2016
Guruvayoor Aanaottam
Guruvayoor – -Thrissur Dist
20 Feb 2016
Chinakkathoor Pooram
Palappuram – Palakkad Dist
22 Feb 2016
Uthralikavu Pooram
Wadakkancherry – Thrissur
1 Mar 2016
Parippally Gajamela
Parippally – Kollam Dist
6 Mar 2016
Peruvanam Pooram
Peruvanam – Thrissur Dist
18 Mar 2016
Arattupuzha Pooram
Arattupuzha – Thrissur Dist
21 Mar 2016
Kottakkal Pooram
Kottakkal – Malappuram Dist
3 to 8 Apr 2016
Thrissur Pooram
Thrissur Town -Thrissur Dist
17 Apr 2016
Thutha Pooram
Thutha – Palakkad
19 Apr 2016
Boat Races
Champakkulam Boat Race Champakkulam – Alappuzha Dist
20 Jun 2016
Nehru Trophy Boat Race
Punnamada – Alappuzha Dist
13 Aug 2016
Payippad Boat Race
Payippad – Alappuzha Dist
16 Sep 2016
Kumarakom Boat Race
Kumarakom – Kottayam Dist
16 Sep 2016
Aranmula Boat Race
Aranmula – Pathanamthitta Dist
17 Sep 2016
Thrippunithura – Ernakulam Dist
4 Sep 2016
Celebrated all over Kerala
14 Sep 2016
Swaraj Round – Thrissur Dist
16 Sep 2016
Temple Festivals
Neroth Peratoor Sri Bhagavathy Kshethram Utsavam
20 to 25 Jan 2016
Avoor Utsavam
Avoor – Kollam Dist
15 to 24 Jan 2016
Thaipooya Mahotsavam
Koorkancherry – Thrissur Dist
24 Jan 2016
Thaipooya Mahotsavam
Harippad – Alappuzha
24 Jan 2016
Chettikulangara Bharani
Chettikulangara – Alappuzha Dist
13 Mar 2016
Kidangoor Balasubramaniya Swami Temple
Kidangoor – Kottayam Dist
16 to 25 Feb 2016
Machattu Mamangam
Wadakkancherry – Thrissur Dist
23 Feb 2016
Chottanikara – Ernakulam Dist
23 Feb 2016
Ezharaponna Festival Ettumanur
Ettumanur – Kottayam Dist
16 Feb 2016
Jaganadha Temple
Thalassery – Kannur Dist
19 Feb to 26 Feb 2016
Guruvayoor Utsavam
Guruvayoor – Thrissur Dist
20 Feb to 29 Feb 2016
Attukal Pongala
Attukal – Thiruvananthapuram Dist
23 Feb 2016
Ananthapuram Lake Temple
Ananthapuram – Kasaragod Dist
27 Feb 2016
Puthoor Festival
Puthoor – Palakkad
18 Mar to 8 Apr 2016
Aluva Sivarathri
Aluva – Ernakulam Dist
7 Mar 2016
Thirunakkara Arattu
Thirunakkara – Kottayam Dist
23 Mar 2016
Valliyoor Kavu
Valliyoor Kavu – Wayanad Dist
14 to 27 Mar 2016
Chittoor – Palakkad Dist
21 Mar 2016
Loganarkavau Arattu
Vadakara – Kozhikode Dist
22 Mar 2016
Thirumandhamkunnu Pooram
Angadipuram – Malappuram Dist
09 Apr 2016
Cherthala Karthiyayani Temple
Cherthala – Alappuzha Dist
16 to 23 Mar 2016
Malanada Kettukazhcha
Poruvazhi – Kollam Dist
25 Mar 2016
Kottankulangara – Kollam Dist
23 to 24 Mar 2016
Sree Padmanabha Swami Temple Painkuni Utsavam
East Fort – Thiruvananthapuram Dist
20 Apr 2016
Ambalapuzha Festival
Ambalapuzha – Alappuzha Dist
24 Mar to 3 Apr 2016
Nenmara Vallangi Vela
Nenmara – Palakkad Dist
2 Apr 2016
Attuvela Mahotsavam
Vadayar – Kottaym Dist
8 Apr 2016
Kodungalloor Bharani
Kodungalloor – Thrissur Dist
9 Apr 2016
Chamakkavu Kettukazhcha
Mavelikkara – Alappuzha Dist
14 Apr 2016
Thirunelli – Wayanad Dist
14 Apr 2016
Mathoor Vinayaka Temple
Thottakara – Thrissur Dist
13 to 17 Apr 2016
Kudal Manickam
Iringalakuda – Thrissur Dist
19 to 29 Apr 2016
Kottiyoor Utsavam
Kottiyoor – Kannur Dist
20 May to15 Jun 2016
Vettikode Ayilyam
Vettikode – Alappuzha Dist
21 to 27 Sep 2016
Panachikadu Festival
Panachikadu – Kottayam Dist
2 to 11 Oct 2016
Navarathri Festival
East Fort – Thiruvananthapuram Dist
2 to 11 Oct 2016
Mullackal Utsavam
Mullackal – Alappuzha Dist
2 to 11 Oct 2016
Urakam – Kottayam Dist
11 Oct 2016
Cherpu – Thrissur Dist
11 Oct 2016
Thripoonithura Poornathrayesha Temple
Thripoonithura – Ernakulam Dist
25 Oct 2016
Mannarasala Ayilyam
Mannarasala – Alappuzha Dist
24 Oct 2016
Sree Padmanabha Swami Temple Alpashy Utsavam
East Fort – Thiruvananthapuram Dist
7 Nov 2016
Kalpathi Ratholsavam
Kalpathi – Palakkkad Dist
13 – 15 Nov 2016
Payyannoor Subramaniya Swami Temple
Payyannoor – Kannur Dist
16 Nov 2016
Kadampuzha Devi Temple
Kadampuzha – Malappuram Dist
12 Dec 2016
Parassinikadavu, Kannur
Parassinikadavu, Kannur
1 Dec 2016
Vaikathashtami Festival
Vaikom – Kottayam Dist
22 Nov 2016
Guruvayoor Ekadasi
Guruvayoor – Thrissur Dist
10 Dec 2016
Mullackal Cherappu
Mullackal – Alappuzha Dist
16 to 26 Dec 2016
Kuttikkol Thampuratty Theyyam
Kuttikkol – Kasaragod Dist
24 to 27 Feb 2016
Muchilottu Kavu Theyyam
Muchilottu – Kannur Dist
10 to 18 Apr 2016
Perumthitta Tharavad Kottamkuzhy
Kottamkuzhy – Kasaragod Dist
6 to15 Dec 2016
Kanathoor Nalvar Bhoothasthanam
Kanathoor – Kasaragod Dist
28 Dec 2016 to 1 Jan 2017
Othara Patayani
Othara – Pathanamthitta Dist
13 Apr 2016
Kadammanitta Patayani
Kadammanitta – Pathanamthitta Dist
14 to 21 Apr 2016
Njangattiri Aanayoottu
Pattambi – Palakkad Dist
22 Jul 2016
Neelamperoor Patayani
Neelamperoor – Kottayam Dist
29 Sep 2016
Attangyeru at Thirumandhamkunnu
Angadippuram Malappuram Dist
17 Oct 2016
Christian Festivals
Feast of St. Sebastian
St. Mary’s Forane Church
Athirampuzha – Kottayam Dist
19 to 25 Jan 2016
Arthungal Perunnal
Arthungal – Alappuzha Dist
20 Jan 2016
Palm Sunday
Celebrated all over Kerala
20 Mar 2016
Celebrated all over Kerala
27 Mar 2016
St. Thomas Church
Malayattoor – Ernakulam Dist
3 Apr 2016
Edathuva – Alappuzha Dist
27 Apr to 27 May 2016
Palayoor Church
Palayoor – Thrissur Dist
6 to 7 May 2016
Puthupally Perunal
St. George Orthodox Church,
Puthupally – Kottayam Dist
6 to 7 May 2016
Manarcad Perunnal, Kottayam Manarcad – Kottayam Dist
1 to 8 Sep 2016
Feast of Vallarpadathamma
Vallarpadam Church, Kochi
Vallarpadam – Kochi, Ernakulam Dist
16 to 24 Sep 2016
Aduppootty St. George Orthodox Church Perunal
Kunnakulam – Thrissur Dist
27 to 28 Oct 2016
Parumala Perunnal
Parumala – Pathanamthitta Dist
2 Nov 2016
Vettukadu Perunnal
(Feast of Christ the King)
Vettukad – Thiruvananthapuram Dist
15 to 22 Nov 2016
St Mary’s Church Parel
Changanassery – Kottayam Dist
30 Nov to 8 Dec 2016
Celebrated all over Kerala
25 Dec 2016
Muslim Festivals
Kanjiramattom Nercha
Kanjiramattom – Ernakulam Dist
15 Jan 2016
Pattambi Nercha
Pattambi – Palakkad Dist
6 March 2016
Other Festivals
Swathi Sangitholsavam
East Fort – Thiruvananthapuram Dist
6 to12 Jan 2016
Celebrated all over Kerala
14 Apr 2016
Navarathri Sangitholsavam
East Fort – Thiruvananthapuram Dist
1 to10 Oct 2016
Vallathol Jayanthi Varshikam, Kalamandalam
Kerala Kalamandalam – Thrissur Dist
9 to 10 Nov 2016
Chembai Sangitholsavam
Guruvayur – Thrissur Dist
25 Nov to 10 Dec 2016

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