Fastival of Tripura – Tirthamukh or Pous Sankranit Mela

Tirthamukh Festival mela
The festival held in the month of January near the source of the river Gumti which is popularly know as Tirtha Mukh or Dambur. Since ancient day Tirthmukh as been a holy place of the Hindu Tripuri tribals. Streams of water from above the hills are falling on the earth at the mouth of Gumti river. The sound of falling water creates a musical note. The legend is that the foot print of Lord Vishnu is available at Tirthamukh. The holy dip here brings punya (blessings).

The Tirhamukh Festival held on the day of Uttarayan Sankranti i.e Pous Sankranti. The festival attracts a large number of devotees from all over the state even from neighbouring State. Thousands of people, both tribal and non-tribal assemble every year on the occasion of the Uttarayan Sankranti for a holy dip in the river. Surrounded by high hills, Tirthamukh in south Tripura district is a unique place of beauty frequented specially by the Tripuris to make a vow for realizing their own pledges throughout the year. 
But on the day of “Poush Sankranti” this place becomes a confluence of thousands of people. On the specific day people flock to the place to shave their head in the name of their ancestors and worship basically Hindu deities. They perform individual sacrifices and rituals to propitiating the souls of departed ancestors. it is on this occasion that a two day long fair is also held. A night Cultural Programme is also organized by the Government.

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