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Koteshwar Mahadev Temple

Koteshwar Temple is located on a peak plinth that overlooks the sea and is the only last outpost of human construction which is located in the westernmost limit of country India. From this particular point, Karachi, a city of Pakistan can be seen very clearly at night while this place also gives a great sunset picturesque. Koteshwar is actually a place which is named after Lord Shiva. This place portrays an excellent sunset point.
Koteshwar Mahadev Temple
As one of the best tourist destinations, this temple of Lord Shiva is well known to have a supreme power which makes people visit this temple and get their wishes fulfilled. The Koteshwar Temple has been renovated and rehabilitated over many centuries by assorted rulers of Kutch. The Koteshwar Temple is enclosed by man-made walls, while the gate is approached by 3 flights of steps. The Koteshwar Temple is conducive to contemplating the emptiness, pondering this place of humanity on the earth.

Significance of the Temple
The story of this Koteshwar Temple begins with Ravana, who was given a boon by Lord Shiva for exceptional display of piety. This boon was as a gift of the Shiva linga which presented great spiritual power however which Ravana, in his egotistical haste unintentionally dropped and which fell on the earth at Koteshwara. To punish Ravana for being so careless, the lings turned into many identical copies. Now unable to locate the original one, Ravana grabbed the one which he felt was the real one and departed, while leaving the actual linga here, around which this Koteshwar Temple was built.

Architecture of Temple
Koteshwar Temple shows greatness of its former. This temple stands incredibly on sea shore that rises courageously from the sea while washes the western parts. The temple is encircled by the walls while the gate can be approached by 3 flights of stairs. The writing on the left side of the temple gate presents the fort. This temple was constructed in 1820 by Jetha Shivji Brahmashaktirya and Seth Sundarji.
The temple is built of stone, while its terrace has 3 domes of which the central dome is exquisitely constructed. There is a cheek pull which was presented by Rao Desalji. The right dome has large stone image of Bala Hanuman while the last dome has the stone image of Ganpati. To the eternal end of the hall, there are holy places which are available while on the other side, there are idols of Lord Ganpati and Hanuman.

Time to Visit
The best time to visit Koteshwar Temple is during the months of Shravan, i.e. July and August.

Nearby Places

Mata no Madh Temple
Mata no Madh Temple
To the western side of the Kutch, there is a pilgrimage trail known as the Mata no madh temple. It is located on the steep rocky and hilly area. This temple borders the shallow creek and sea. Considered as one of the highly revered temples of Maa Ashapura, this place is a perfect stop soon after having breakfast.

Narayan Sarovar Temple
Narayan Sarovar Temple
To move further, there is a Narayan Sarovar Temple which is a famous temple that has sweet water lake. This sarovar is a sacred lake which is mentioned in the Hindu mythology while attracts thousands of visitors from all across the country.

Narayan Sarovar Kutch
Moving ahead, one would find the most intriguing attractions of the Western Kutch, which is called the Lakhpat. This place is close to the Narayan Sarovar and is considered last village in this direction. Lakhpat is a flourishing port near its mouth. Now abandoned, this village is on the edge of Great Rann of Kutch and is prominent tourist trail.

Chinkara and Bustard Sanctuary
Located on the main road, this sanctuary has old remains only. It is not good in condition while looks pathetic. The bridge is also under construction at this place.

How to Reach the Temple
Through Air – Ahmadabad is the closet international airport which connects this place to different major cities of India. It also connects Ahmadabad to many international destinations also. From here one can hire a taxi and reach Koteshwar Temple.
Through Road – From Bhuj, which is 125 kms away, regular buses leave for Narayan Sarovar or Koteshwar Temple. This temple is accessible through public transport only.

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