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Chamunda devi temple Jodhpur

Located 5kms from Jodhpur city, the 500 years old Chamunda Temple on the southern end of the Mehrangarh Fort is dedicated to Goddess Chamunda (fierce aspect of Devi) or Durga. Chamunda Matawas the favorite goddess of Rao Jodha, the founder of Jodhpur. The temple was built during the year 1460, when he brought an idol of the deity from the old capital of Mandore. Till date, the goddess remains as the 1st patron deity of the erstwhile royal family.
Chamunda devi temple Jodhpur
Goddess Chamunda is regarded as the guarding deity of Jodhpur and is worshiped by most of the citizens. Dussehra festival is the main festival celebrated in this temple. During Dussehra, the temple premises is thronged by thousands of devotees to get a glimpse of Chamunda Devi. 

In 1459, Rao Jodha was planning to shift capital of his kingdom from mandore to marwar. He wanted to build fort (Mehrangarh fort) on a rocky cliff, which is also known as mountain of birds. But this mountain was already occupied by hermit at that time. So Rao Jodha expelled out hermit from his palace. When hermit expelled out from his palace he cursed rao that his kingdom would always face the scarcity of water.
To solve this problem, Rao Jodha build a temple of goddess Chamunda, right side of the fort. Ever since then the goddess Chamunda Devi is known as the adopted goddess of the Jodhpur royal family and the local people. Every year a big festival is organized during navratras and dussehra.

How To Reach Chamunda Mata Temple , Jodhpur

By Road: Chamunda Mata Temple is located at the outskirt of Jodhpur city in Mehrangarh Fort. One can easily reach here by bus or taxi.

By Rail: Chamunda Mata Temple is well connected through nearest Jodhpur Railway station to major cities railway stations like Delhi, Agra, Mumbai, Chennai, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Ahmedabad.

By Air: Chamunda Mata Temple can be reach through nearest Jodhpur Airport (6 km) which is well connected with regular domestic flights to Delhi, Mumbai.

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