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Madhya Pradesh - 9 Popular Devi Mata Temples

Madhya pradesh famous for its temples, holy places and pilgrimage sites, Some of the most the famous devi temple in Madhya Pradesh :- 

1. Maa Sharda Temple, Maihar :- Maa Sharda Temple is one of the most famous hill top temples of goddess Sharda situated on Trikuta hill. Maihar temple is one of the Shakti Peetha in India.
Maa Sharda Temple

2. Bijasan Mata Temple, Salkanpur :- Bijasan Mata Mandir of Salkanpur is one of the major tourist attraction in Madhya Pradesh also promoted by Madhya Pradesh Tourism. The sacred shrine is located in Sehore district at a distance of 70 km from Bhopal.
Bijasan Mata Temple

3. Bhadwa Mata Temple, Neemuch :- Bhadwa mata Temple is situated in Neemuch district of Madhya Pradesh and amongst the most important Goddess Shakti temples in India. It is a magnificent marble temple of Mahamaya Bhadwamana and nine Nav Durga Idols.
Bhadwa Mata Temple

4. Ratnagarh Mata Temple , Datia :- Ratnagarh Mata temple is a popular Durga temple in the village, located about 60 km from Datia town. The temple is situated on the bank of the sindh river and connect by road bridge.
Ratnagarh Mata Temple

5. Achru Mata Temple, Prithvipur :- Achru Mata Temple is one of the Oldest Temples in India and one of the famous temple in Madhya Pradesh. Achru mata is worshiped by people of Bundelkhand and major place to visit in the Tikamgarh district.
Achru Mata Temple

6. Sheetla Mata Temple, Gwalior :- Shitla is an ancient fold deity and Goddess of sores, Ghouls, pustules and diseases. Sheetla Mata mandir is located in Gwalior on the Agra Mumbai road and worshiped by all the people from this region.
Sheetla Mata Temple

7.  Ichchha Devi Temple, burhanpur :- Ichchha Devi Temple is situated at Ichchhapur village approx 23 Kms from Burhanpur. The story goes that a Maratha Governor made a vow to the Goddess Ichchha Devi (ful-filler of desires) that if he got a son he would build a well and a temple for the Goddess. When his desire was fulfilled, he built a well and a temple. An annual fair attended by thousand of persons is held there in Chaitra maas. 
Ichchha Devi Temple

8. Harsiddhi Durga Temple, Ujjain :- Harsiddhi Durga Temple of Ujjain is built by famus King Vikramaditya and the temple has two unique pine-shaped iron lampstands. The temple is one of the major attraction of holy city and land of Mahakal, and ancient city situated on eastern bank of the Kshipra River.
Harsiddhi Durga Temple

9. Maa Chamunda and Tulja Bhawani Temple, Dewas :- The Devi vaishini hill in the middle of the city, commonly known as Tekri mandir, is a temple of deity Devi Tulja Bhawani, Chamunda Mata and Kalika Mata. The are mainly two shrine of goddess called as Choti Mata (Chamunda Mata) and other Badi Mata (Tulja Bhawani Mata).
Maa Chamunda and Tulja Bhawani temple

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