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World Turism Day: 9 Very exotic places there live pepple

World Tourism Day is being Celebrated worldwide today. United Nations World Tourism Organisation in 1982, start celebrated World Tourism day on 27 September.  The aim of the international community is to bring awareness to people about the roll of tourism. Additionally, it is to tell what kind of tourism, social, cultural, political and economic values affects. It is celebrated every year on different themes. This year's theme camper billion, on billion possibilities based. On this occasion of the world we are going to tell about some exotic places, which not only shows the relationship between nature and man, but they will also learn about the belief that man convert any place to living place.

Roussanou Monastery - Meteora, Greece

Xuan Kong si Shanxi province China (Hanging Monastery):-

Setenil De Las Bodegas Spain:-

Al Hajjarah Yemen:-

Cappadocia , Turkey:- 

Vecchio Ponte , Italy:-

Matmata , Tunisia


Casa Two Penedo , Portugal

We can provide you brief detail about this place in next post.

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