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Kuchipudi is one of the well-known Classical Indian Dance form from Andhra Pradesh, India, The name Kuchipudi has origin from the name of a village "Kuchelapuram" with resident Brahmins practicing this tradition dance form at Andhra pradesh. Kuchipudi born from "Bhagavatmela" (a dance drama format) tradition which used to perform by the telegu Brahmins who lives in kuchelapuram. "Siddhendra yogi" (A great scholar and poet)who revolute kuchipudi from Bhagavatmela tradtion. During 1960 kuchipudi started performing  as a solo dance form on stage.

The movements in Kuchipudi are comparatively faster then other Indian classical dance form and scintillating rounded and fleet-footed. Performed to not only classical Carnatic music also Hindustani classical music, it shares many common elements with Bharatanatyam. solo Kuchipudi numbers include "Puja", jatiswaram', "Shabdam", Tarangam", "Keertanam" and 'tillana'. Abinaya in kuchipudi is very unique and its Lokadharmi.
Taranagam is the main unique piece of kuchpudi repertoire, also known as plate (made by brass) dance. In that the dancer must dance upon a brass plate, placing the feet upon the raised edges. Tarangam is set to mostly lord Krishna's glory with plate movement which is set to complicated tala pattern. Tala can be set in Different gatis and jatis, most ineresting part of a tarangam is, dancer reaply to mridangist chollu what he is playing in mridangam through plate movements. Tarangam carries a major uniqueness for this art form.

Mridangam, Violin, Veena, Flute and Talam (Nattuvangam/ cymbals) are mostly use instruments in Kuchipudi.

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