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Interesting Fact About India

1. India is about 1/3 the size of the United States, yet it is second most populous country in the world, with a population of 1,166,217. India is the seventh largest country in the world, at 1.27 million square miles.

2. India is the largest democracy in the world.

3. The Kumbh Mela is a huge Hindu religious festival that takes place in India every 12 years. In 2001, 60million people attended, breaking the record for the world’s biggest gathering.

4. It is illegal to take Indian currency out of India.

5. India leads the world with the most murders (32,719) with Russia taking second at 28,904 murders per year.

6. India has one of the world’s highest rates of abortion.

7. More than a Million Indians are millionaires, yet most Indian live on les then two dollars a day. An estimated 35% of India’s population lives below the poverty line.

8. Dancing is one of India’s most highly developed arts and was an integral part of worship in the inner shrines of very temple. It is notable for its expressive hand movement.

9. Indian flag has three horizontal bands of color” saffron of courage and sacrifice, white for truth and peace, and green for faith, fertility, and chivalry. And emblem of a wheel spinning use to be in the center of the white band, but when India gained independence, a Buddhist dharma chakra, or wheel of life, replaced the spinning wheel.

10. India is the world’s largest producer of dried beans, such as kidney beans and chickpeas. It also leads the world in banana Export; Brazil is second.

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